The number of drug addicts in Turbat is on a constant rise for last couple of years. It has ultimately engaged the youths in hazardous activities which can destroy their lives. The continuous use of drugs makes them mentally, physically and spiritually sick. To counter the use of drugs, the local body seems less interested in Turbat.

Unfortunately, most of the younger generation is getting trapped into drug addiction due to the drug sellers who belong to our own society. To our fate, the law enforcement agencies take bribes from them and allow them to openly sell drugs and destroy the youths, nevertheless, the nation.

Parental ignorance towards their children is yet another factor leading the youths towards the fatal drugs. They do not check on the activities of their children and thus they become drug addicts sooner or later. Had the parents be responsible towards the children and ask them to study more other than joining the street boys, things would have been lot different in our society.

From the other side effects of drug addiction, street crimes are at the top. When they become used to taking drugs, they take part in robberies to get money to fulfill their need of drug on time. They also take on the houses at times which is a slap on the honor of the people of Turbat. In an age when these kids can become the future of the nation, they get indulged in disturbing the peace of the society.

In short, to curb the menace of drug addiction, we need to end the drugs in our society. And for that, we need to target the drug sellers first. Like the step taken by Buleda’s people, if the residents of Turbat, too, come on roads to protest against the local government to end the culture of drugs, soon we will witness a drug-free Turbat. In contrary, if it stays for some more years, we will find less children in schools but more in drug addiction. It is the collective duty of the inhabitants of the city to speak against drugs.

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