Taking into consideration deeply, I wonder what depression may be? Is it the sadness we feel after we lose a close one? Is it crying for days in darkness in languishing? Or is it like being alone after a heartbreak? What if it is not depression but something much more? If so, then what can much more be like?

Pessimism appears after an illness like typhoid, calculi and cancer. This pessimism leads to a mental illness called depression, which is as harmful as any other major disease is. Sometimes it is genetic, and other times it is the result of trauma or laceration we face in our lives. One will not be wrong to say that depression is much more than the sadness we feel in our hearts or crying alone in room. It is like a shadow which we carry even in nights. It is like an old enemy which never leaves you alone.

It is depression which sometimes stops our breaths when we are in a crowd. It is like sweating more than just normal, even in cold December. A person with depression never feels the need of his or her presence. It is like a thief which steals one’s motivation, courage and vitality. In most cases, people stop doing things they once loved the most. It is like ceasing people who once they adored. Words burn inside their hearts but they still prefer to be quiet. They get afraid to start a new conversation.

In other words, depression is overthinking. A person with depression thinks the worst that can happen. His mind signals him time and again that the worst is coming towards him the soonest. Such overthinking thoughts take away their courage to take any decision. They get confused over small things like what to wear, where to go, what to say, etcetera. They feel guilty over their own words, the actions they performed and the place they visited. This guilt accompanies them anywhere they go.

Not just this depression invites the negative emotions to build a cage around them, but also it snatches their self-esteem. They keep feeling worthless and hopeless. They weave a web around themselves with the negative thoughts which approached them. It is like cutting off connections with positivity. Depressed people do not believe on the positivity in and around them. They ignore their constructive development. All the positive complements about them are considered lies by them. They feel like a burden over others.

In fact, depressed people almost do not ask for help. They cease to insert confidence in them and feel like the world is of no other use for them. They start hiding things. Sometimes, they become comfortable in their own loneliness, but other times they crave for a human’s existence around them to hold them, but they do not find anyone who they think clearly understands them.

Depression is not just a normal sadness or about crying for few days and feeling stronger, but it is about becoming weaker and weaker till this weakness consumes their whole existence. They feel like nothing in the world, but a worthless being whose existence becomes a curse for themselves and others around them. Depressed people find no ways to end it, but just to run away from their minds, from their thoughts and from their miserable lives. Yet we consider visiting a psychiatrist a shame. Baloch mindsets need to change so that depressed people get to have a better life. Let them visit psychiatrist when they feel the need.

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