China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a crucial part of the project Built and Road Initiative (BRI). China’s BRI is a foreign policy and economic strategy of China where the two of Eurasian and African oceans are economically connected along with Silk Road Economic Built and Maritime Silk Road.

The Chinese BRI was brought into concern in 2013 that possesses six corridors whereas CPEC is a part of it. The project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor was wisely introduced and began by China with the investment of 62 billion dollars.

Comparatively, the investment is regarded more than the foreign investment of Pakistan. China, accordingly, was surrounded with the dilemmas of the Strait of Malacca, a key checkpoint to export and import its resources. To address the Malacca dilemma, China established CPEC project.

This project, however, reduces the shipment time for China and brings development in its underdeveloped western provinces ensuring many other promotions.

Through this project, China does similar investments and initiatives with countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia with other several Central Asian countries in order to sustain her manipulation over Asia. Likewise, in this project, the energy and infrastructure of Pakistan gets covered.

CPEC is termed as a game changer of Pakistan and Balochistan as it is supposed to boast up the economic potentialities and connects China with Pakistan through long paved roads by connecting Gwadar to Kashgar. Because Gwadar’s deep sea capacity is the main target of the CPEC project.

Sorrowfully, the land of Balochistan is getting used for the sea based trade zone but what Balochistan would get in return and granted for the Balochs yet remains a question. The Chinese project of CPEC has helped connectivity of Lahore-Karachi motorway and courteously claims to develop Balochistan in particular to have progressive economy, but all in vain. This project is a wayout to utilize the strategic port of Balochistan in Pakistan to profit China only.

Years have been passed to the project but the hurdles for Gawadar’s citizens have remained the same. They yet face the fundamental issues of clean drinking water, job opportunities, quality education and so forth.

Hence, CPEC truly removes China-Malacca dilemma but will not benefit Balochistan. They [Baloch] face the same backdrops even after this project which they have been facing from decades. Their condition is not enhanced the way they really deserve. Dishearteningly, such projects are only introduced to progress others instead of the Balochs by using their land, strategic locations, resources and many more.

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