In the holy month of Ramadan, in a country built in the name of Islam, that too in the presence of the claimant rulers of the state of Madina, the state institution raped a minor, Murad Baloch.

This is not just a rape of intent, it is an attack on the honor of every proud Baloch. Today, Makran did not cry only, Bolan’s eyes were not solely wet, and the tears of Mount Chiltan did not dry anyway merely, but the wounded Mount Sulaiman was also weeping and asking God that;

“O’ ALLAH, how long will this oppression last? I heard you imprison the devil in this month. So tell me, isn’t this the devil roaming free? I heard that the system of oppression cannot work without you, but to whom should the oppressed Baloch, who have endured oppression, tell their sighs?”

Will the bimbo ironsides of the state of Madina, the guardians of humanity, shut down the whole of Pakistan again for the shameful deeds of their soldiers? Or justice against the atrocities committed against Murad Ameer is not in their interest because Murad is a Baloch of Balochistan?

When in Punjab there appeared a similar case, they demanded public execution of the culprit. The media were in great heat. There were special shows on the incident; the shows discussing whether public executions could prevent such incidents or not.

But, when the same thing happened in Balochistan where a teenage boy named Murad baloch was raped by men in uniform, no speech show. There is no heat in the media. When a man in uniform abuses a boy or a woman in Balochistan and then he or she is killed, the media and politicians forget that the victim is a minor, a woman or a human being. Everything is permissible for men in uniform, whatever they do, particularly in Balochistan.

Now, after enduring every oppression, the Baloch will inevitably have the same question and the same plea that;

“O’ my Holy Lord!
Now, prove your existence!”

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