Women are known as the sign of bravery. They play a great part for the prosperity of any society or nation. It is women who are keen towards a healthy and pleasant society. On a similar note, women hold mighty worth in the Baloch society; but, they have been struggling to get their rights.

In fact, women were considered the worst part and their birth was considered a taboo. They were deprived of most of their fundamental rights. They were kept bound and limited in household works only. In other words, they were ‘slaves’ in their homes (some still deem women as weak and slaves).

When we study history, it narrates that women were as strong as brave men but they were not given chances to prove themselves. Besides this, in today’s world women are playing a crucial role where they are working on every side; they are struggling for a better life, peaceful nation, and for their freedom. They are proving themselves by the greater role in the development of our nation. They have amazing potentials and are taking part in social performances effectively.

With the Grace of God’s given abilities, they are playing their important roles in every sphere of daily life, whether it is social, economic, political, cultural or educational aspects. They are promoting the cause of women’s status and role in the society.

A research stated that women hand up a variety of significant roles in our society from birth till the end of life. They are backbones for the progress of a nation. Painfully, they are never appreciated for the things they do. People believe these works as they do on daily basis are their duties and consider them ‘free servants’.

Besides this, a woman does not only bring competition into the work field but also helps in the collaboration of ideas. They assist in opinions that value an open economy and a better social system. We belong to such a society where talents are underestimated based on their genders, but it is a deep misconception; they have rights and ought to be given equal opportunities to show their talents.

Being part of this society, it is always told us that women are free these days because they are getting an education. But to bring you all a point, education is not freedom, it is a basic right for them. All women can see that they change the world for their betterment, only when they really identify themselves and recognize their singular special importance to the continuity of the human species.

Nevertheless, they are more than half of the population. They have as many different roles in life as males. A woman can be called a man but a man cannot be called a woman. Stop discriminating and criticizing women illogically. Treat them equally. Be the combination as said beautifully, “Unity is strength”. Men and women have been truly compared to the wheels of the same carriage. The carriage cannot work properly if one wheel is defective.

Lastly, being a woman, I proudly pronounce myself a great part of my nation, society, and family. I can say ‘Yes we women are the inspiration. We are motivated. We are independent. We are the sign of love. We are flowers of home. We can build the world. We have dreams. We have power. We are beautiful. We bleed and we are proud of that.

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