The historical city of Balochistan, Kalat, is deprived of higher education institutes. Since inclusion with Pakistan, it has been condoned. Kalat holds most historical sites along with famed characters associated with the soil of this land.

No doubt, Kalat State played a pivotal role with its fighter against the British who valiantly confronted foes. Nori Naseer Khan with his daringly endeavor at Panipat battle with Ahmed Shah Abdali brought up a historical move for Baloch. No one can pass up the immolations of Kalat State in the history of the subcontinent.

But I regret to say that the students of Kalat travel miles for getting an higher education. There is not a single higher education institute for alumnus of Kalat to continue their higher education. Most of the students quit their education after graduation from college due to lofty expenses in alien cities. Ill-fated students asked concerned authorities to accomplish their requisitions, but no progress.

Similarly, education is a basic need. If the students of Kalat are kept afar from education looking at the current era, it is going to be a massive loss for the region. Nevertheless, a quality education is the dire need of the hour for the masses of Kalat.

According to a reliable source, before three years there was the approval of the BUITEMS sub-campus for Kalat, but due to lack of accurate leadership that was shifted to another district. And such an opportunity was missed due to failed supervision.

Ultimately, it is my humble request to authorities to kindly urge for sub-campuses of different varsities in Kalat or even building a university in the region would be more appreciated. The city is already enduring many hurdles in the education sector. The people deserve something more in the given sector.

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