We asked for food, they provided us hope. We asked for water, they provided us hope. We asked for shelter, they provided us hope. We asked for justice, they provided us hope. Now, they don’t even have hope for us. How long can one live without food, water, shelter, justice and hope?

It is the seventh day that a camp has been set up in front of the Islamabad press club by the families of the Baloch missing persons. It is not amazement for the senses as this is not the first time. Almost every year, a camp or March is arranged by these families for their loved ones, but with every passing year the light of hope dims a little more.

Political parties and the so-called “social activists” are hiding under their blanket of shame. These political leaders don’t know masses and their problems but only votes. These journalists have stuffed their mouths with the glue of assets. They will highlight the capital attack, the Kabul blast, the Palestine injustices and Kashmir issue, but, they won’t ever look under their own bed.

Moreover, they see hike in gas prices but won’t ever question the deprivation of the gas supply from where it is being extracted. They will hold rallies in support of the peasants in India, but will never see the people of Baluchistan protesting for survival. They will raise the slogan “Fees must fall” but won’t ever say a word for releasing the missing Baloch student leaders. They see the atrocities taking place on motorway but won’t ever see the decade long insurgency on Baloch men and women. It is not that they are unaware of it but it is because they don’t have any vested interests – greedy, brutish, hungry and filth-harnessed society.

They can raise their voice for freeing Baba Jan who was in correction center, but their will stumble for raising their voice for disappeared Baloch leaders. We don’t even know whether our political leaders are dead or alive. Women movements are ready to erupt when women are objectified but these “advocates for women rights” will never say a word when the dead bodies of Baloch women are tortured.

Women march 3000 kilometers just to know whether their loved ones are alive or not. To all the progressive and right-wing defenders of human rights, if this is not injustice then what is? Mothers are losing their eyesights and sisters are getting insane while seeing the mutilated dead corpses of their loved ones. If this is not injustice then what is? Thousands of Baloch women have died in this pursue of seeing their loved ones for once. They had spent their lives in search for their missing relatives. If this is not injustice then what is?

Recently, the Baloch women protesting for missing persons in Islamabad have been dragged and manhandled, and no media coverage is given to them. On pity issues, they are ready to attack each other but this is the only place where they are on the same page. We have seen worst consequences in the past. If these issues are not dealt in a responsible manner then the consequences will be of far worst nature. This government should learn from the mistakes committed in the past. It has to fulfill their demands and own them has equal citizens.

Media has to fulfill the oath they have taken. They must give coverage to the Baloch women who are protesting for their loved ones. Not just national media but also the international media must do their job with dignity. The government has to realize the urgency of this matter.

“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face the reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it”— Malcolm x

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