Oh! The Fearless karima:

You are not dead, you are still alive and will live until the globe exists, and you are alive in our hearts, in our minds, and in our words. You are immortal, you are fearless. Your enemies still fear from you, and your ideology. You showed them that how an oppressed will resist and struggle.

Oh! The Undefeated karima:

You are an iconic lady, you are an iron lady. You showed us the straight way which to be followed, you gave us an ideology which undeniably needs to be followed. You are Undefeated, you are the undefeated mark of victory. You defeated your enemies. You felt the inflicted pain of your Nation, and you are the genuine and actual leader of Baloch nation.

Oh! The warrior Karima:

You struggled with a great ideology for the sake of your Motherland. You stood like an unmovable rock. You inspired the whole nation. Your struggle encouraged both the men and women. You gave us strength, hope and encouragement. You taught us how to resist, how to struggle and how to die.
You are like a great lion, who never kneeled. You always looked up with a brave face and fearless expression, your enemies were afraid of you. Even they were afraid of your corpse.

Oh! The Champion Karima:

You defeated your enemies and won the title of Lumma-e-Watan. You are an Ideal for me, and for the whole Baloch nation.

Banuk you are the Proud of Baloch Nation, you fought for them, you resisted for them and you struggled for them until last breathe. Today l and every Baloch proudly can say that an atomic power was afraid of our unarmed girl and her corpse.

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