It was a cloudy night. Everything in universe was still. I saw drops of kindness falling like raindrops_ that the creatures ignored. I saw specks of evil falling like raindrops_ that the creatures kept embracing. The moon looked pale as if mournful. Its bright side was seen nowhere. Peace was afar. Analogously, the universe, at the moment, was meditating silence. I kept gazing at the tranquil parts of the universe and felt stillness in no time.

Darkness had emerged everywhere. Exhausted though, I felt the darkness had feathers wide opened and that kept spreading like a pandemic. I got still and motionless. Neither could scream nor could I move to avoid the darkness reaching to the self. Deep inside my brain screamed. Thoughts of death and the fear of dying overflowed into my head. Unlikely, my soul was calm and relaxed as if meditating. For a while, I got perplexed. Was that the first time my mind and my soul were opposing each other? Let the posed question remain unanswered.

My mind was screaming in one way and on the other side my soul was meditating; isn’t it strange? I perceived. What my inner-self was actually planning to reward me? Or perhaps humiliate me? Both I owned.

Lol, I headed myself taking a long breath. The darkness had finally evolved me.

I know not that where I were and who I were_ that is no more conceivable. I had finally entered into the zone of non-existence. All in a sudden, I felt my existence yelling at me. Perhaps I had lost a part of mine or the self either.

I felt empty inside. My mind had got exhausted fighting with the soul. I could not decide who the winner was; the soul who stayed silent meditating or perhaps the mind who made silence its destiny? Who the warrior was and who the victim? All remained unanswered.

I wanted to get out of this empty self. A mind that always screamed with joys and sorrows and a soul that once rejoiced every good side and forgave all the evils were now like the number zero_ light and empty.

Though I always loved silence and calmness, but this calmness of my soul wasn’t providing me peace. What was it hidden behind that I couldn’t see?

I wandered hither and thither to search for a speck of light until realizing that I was no more in my place. Oh my goodness! I was in the light a while before, where had this darkness brought me? How could I get back to my world and rejoice light in darkness?

Oh! I perceived, mayhap the moon would help me. Likely, it had always shown me the path even when nowhere. But where would I get the moon? The darkness was so powerful and sharp that even the brightest of stars couldn’t cease, hence, how would that already mournful and pale moon could be?

I got disillusioned thinking darkness and nothingness had now become my destiny. Nothingness? Had this highly grateful creature turned into nothingness? Had the brightness turned into darkness? O’ the little angel, what misfortune had come to your way? Are you going to live in peace after this misfortune or no more dwell in ease? I stopped quierying myself feeling dizzy of the darkness.

Abruptly, in the darkness, I felt someone appeared and asked me to bow down before him. Was that my luck or my good self showing me the path? I couldn’t see who was that as the darkness had become eternal and infinity.

“Go, this is your way,” I heard someone commanding. I kept moving not knowing where and how until my sight came across a dot seen from very far.

Where the dot placed was brightened by the light of the moon but I could not guess what colour was that as it was shrouded by a dark black cloth. Perhaps it was white.

As I reached nearer, it grew larger. I took off the cloth. It was a white dot, very large, but its colour had vanished. I entered the dot and suddenly felt it is where I had come from. But it was full of dust, stones of hatred, barrels of evil and screams of unknown. I could only see the colours red and black_the colours of hatred and injustice? Why was that white dot so dirty and nasty? Why did I feel no unity in it?

I took a deep breathe and named the dot, “A Quest to Peace.” Was this quest a subject to change? Conceivably, yes. I started cleaning the dot. From the cleansing of dusts to the vanishing of the colours, I provided the dot with a new version. It felt like the dot itself. The white dot.

“This is where you belong to. This is your place. This is your Earth.”

Upon hearing that that is my Earth, I got flabbergasted. My feet felt wobbliness and my whole body shivered. Frustrated and grieving, I startled and found myself lying on my bed in darkness. Perhaps the light had gone, I wondered. This is when I came back to my existence and started living. But this dream took an eternal place in my mind.

Dear humans, that white dot is our Earth. And that black cloth wrapped over it is the darkness coming in shape of curses and plagues in our lives. The colours red and black are the bloods of our innocents and those dusts are our negative thoughts.

Please don’t spill this Earth with your negative thoughts, hatred, injustice and atrocities. You are killing your Earth with all these. Please let it heal itself. Help it heal by becoming united and standing with justice. All chat with the moon to sprinkle in BALOCHISTAN.

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