Humankind is facing unprecedented revolutions. All the bygone stories are crumbling and no new story has so far emerged to replace them. However, the missing elements within the humans have failed to enjoy the fruits of their labour for long is “God”. If everything has a cause, so does God since He has given everyone the choice of thinking and acting as each man or woman deem fit. It is through this choice that every person exerts personal superiority over others, when one succeeds, one thinks, “See, I’ve done it, I’ve attained what I desired, I am superior to others.” This is where the ego begins to overtake an individual.

Most importantly, in ignorance, the person feels superior, each day, with wrong repetitive thinking the person falls into the trap of thoughts with no return. Men and women, full of hypocrisy, pride and arrogance and having an impure conduct, are just living in this world with insatiable desires. Devoted to a variety of activities that end only with death, they are given to enjoying sensuous pleasures. They live with the thought: “I have earned much today, I am the Lord, I have supernatural powers, I am mighty and happy.”

In fact, these people are just blinded by ignorance. They are like the devil and end up in hell for only enveloped in delusion and addicted to sensuous pleasures. Can me and you see our image in a mirror that is covered with dust? Obviously not, for the dust prevents the image from being reflected for you to see, in the same way, people fail to see the God within them since veils of ignorance cover the true reflection.

When one begins to know and understand God, one begins to feel and recognize the God within, silence speaks to God for it is the stepping-stone to inner peace and the language we use to converse with God. When you enter the realm of silence and draw your thoughts within you, gradually you come in touch with God.

To sum up, God made every soul in his own shape and nature. Like God, every soul, too, has a tiny spark of light. Like God, the soul itself is eternal, it has existed since God released it, and will continue to exist until it returns to become one with God.

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The writer is a student of Education Department at the University of Turbat and a part-time teacher at DELTA.