October 10 is marked as World Mental Health Day across the globe which is organized by world federation for mental health. This day was recognized and celebrated in 1992 for the very first time. The aim of this day is to spread awareness related to mental health issues and their remedies.

The Day provides a chance to those who are working on mental health to speak about their profession and let the people know they are the ones who are needed in every field of life. On this day, they get the opportunity to talk on deadly depression, frustration, stress and give fruitful awareness about their concequences, if not dealt with earlier. They also give tips in order to cope with the mental health issues.

If we go for searching suicide cases, the data in Pakistan disappoints. The suicide cases are increasing in high amount in the country. It is only due to unawareness of mental health issues. They [the victims] do not share what they have inside and opt to suicide.

The World Health Organization estimated that in 2012 the rate of suicide in Pakistan was 7.5 per 10,00000 people: around 15 to 35 people end their lives each day in Pakistan. In recent times, the trend of commiting suicide is getting common in most parts of Balochistan too. As a news shook the soul in me when I saw the broadcasted news in channels of a little boy committing suicide in Balochistan’s Turbat. He is yet unaware of life, and is found dead. What gets them to take such heinous decisions?

The list of suicide is so high, but it depresses me that how strong the stigma has become that we bear and absorb everything inside but hesitate visiting a psychiatrist or a trained counselor for counseling or for some talking and relaxing therapies.

Apart from this, the current panademic of corona virus has too got number of people depressed. On the other hand, being away from social settings and the fear of the virus have impacted so dangerously which resulted in getting people to frustration. Besides this, the individuals who were already the victims of some kinda mental issues, they were more disturbing owing to social distance and the smart lockdowns.

Above all, researches have proved that social medias have a great part in disturbing and frustrating the youths, particularly females. They, spending more times on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, suffer the most. Even some of them, when they don’t get likes and comments, also suffer from mental inferiority. Along with this, I have experienced on Facebook most people, commonly post when they are enjoying, outing in dinners and shoppings. This leads the inferior group of users going through frustration. Because they often compare their situations with those of the moments posted in Facebook.

They ought to understand people who posit happy moments on social medias not always mean it in practical life. They do have the presence of ups and downs in real life.

However, on this Mental Health Day, let’s create a change; let’s be a ray of hope for someone by being the cause of someone’s better situations. Take benefit of this day and spread awareness about mental issues. I, as a student of Psychology, can suggest the ones to have the courage to share anything you feel growing negative inside you; be it depression, frustration or anything alike. As personally experienced, like gets lot more better and happy when we learn the art of sharing what troubles us deep inside.

The governmnent also has a part to play; they must facilitate the young psychologists along with professionals to conduct sessions, workshops and programmes on this Day so as to promote the well-being of citizens and work on eradication of the irritating stigmas. They ought to work on a stigma-free society where anyone with a free will can visit a psychiatrist. Since today the most leading cause of death is suicide and that is only because of psychological issues.

Hence, on this World Mental Health Day, I request everybody, if you can get someone with mental issues convince them to have a treatment. If you can save a life, why don’t you? So, please come forward on this Day and save precious lives and leave a smile on their faces. It is the most affective therapy; and is very famously quoted that “Smile, because it is a free therapy”.

Stay happy stay healthy.

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