Life varies from person to person. For some it is very simple and easy and for others it may be very complicated. In my society, girls live with the harshest of times in hesitations. The biggest of their hesitation is keeping their secrets within themselves and not informing their family members only in fear which lasts them in depression.

It was once that I saw a girl namely Sara who was very disappointed. Her disappointment was like eating me inside out. I could not stop asking her about her sad face. After a moment of silence, she said,

“Dear, I own a loving family and we are very close to each other. But every time when I get a problem, I hesitate to share it with my family.”

Before I asked her the reason she said that whenever she decided to share anything with her family, she felt as if they were to scold her and avoid loving her. Consequently, she never shared anything wrong happened with her.

Sara was only 12 when her parents gave her a mobile. After getting this mobile, she got much happy. She started contacting her friends all the time. And they kept sharing everything to each other.

However, these of her happy days lasted her to severe depression when one of her friends gave her number to her brother. Her brother kept texting Sara again and again and emotionally blackmailed Sara. She got mentally disturbed. Sara told that her mother kept asking her about her condition and was worried that how come her naughty child be this silent only within some times.

Her mother asked her the reason but she hesitated to tell thinking that her mom would get angry with her. She tried to stop talking with that guy but this emotional blackmailing did not let her do this.

And then one day, she lost whole of her mind and suffered from mental illness. After some days, she sat in silence and decided to share everything to her family because it was never too late, after all.

Later on, Sara shared everything with her family bravely. To her great surprise, her family supported her each time she needed them and took her out of this serious illness. She realized how supportive her family was.

Sara got to know that every family wants the best for their children. So they must avoid hiding their problems from them because hesitation never wins.

After listening to Sara’s story, she decided to share everything with her family whenever she got into any sort of a problem.

It is Sara who suggests us, “Dears, never hesitate to share your problems with your family. Rather your family should be your first and foremost priority. Because, it is your family who stands by you when no one else does.

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