An apology

To myself, engulfing my guilt of silence

An apology of the pen I possess

A duty I skipped, not sometimes although

Covering with grieved rain of tears amidst the veiled truth

Naked, thenceafter!

The descending attempts of fear making room inside

I leave!

Making my way to a disparate search for the truth

But known!

For, speaks the pen in grievances, usually of others

Afraid of the self and its properties

Of the long-lasting breathes in jungle of loneliness and obscurity

Aged but longed to stay, neglecting the journey to light

But turns around the ally someday

Everything looks odd since many a thing happened in absence of ‘hope’

The emptied page vociferates to the fearful hands

With a pen!

Lightens the clouds, weeps the sky and kneels down the voiceless beseeching

A sorry…!

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