The places I have seen hunt me
The girl with the anklet in her feet,
Wants to dance her heart out
But dust followed her
with chains of slavery instead of anklets in her feet
Her fate give her the dusty border
red with her blood dripping from her wounds
Her eyes held her a prisoner
those prenching eyes,
the lips torturing her soul
thirst of peace she wants to fight
But alas she isn’t allowed to do so
she kept fighting while
the blood tried to stop trickling
Occupied with the faces
of her dear home land
At night the one star that never left her
A star of hope for freedom she deserves
Her dear stars she gazes at night
and the fate that followed her
everywhere she goes
She entwined her forgotten stories,
of life and of lies,
to yearn a tale of a fairytale she meant to have
Where her toes danced
now chained in shackles,
Her heart beat stopped
Blood stained grasses remained her of her prison…

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