Humans confused me_ why was I abducted and buried alive? Was it because of Sammo_ an angel, blue-eyed with flashes of stars and walking like a morning air flowing through the forest? But mother Shari always weeps and still sits all night long praying the Almighty. And till date she allows people to call her mad. Is my sister Mahgunj attending her college classes? Why does she burst into tears after seeing boys of my age? It was all of a sudden. And Sammo….. She burns my soul by fasting when I was lost. How can I message you Sammo that my blood fires and heartbeat hits me to earth after every beat when I see you so.

Let’s unfold some pages of my life. I always walked to college through various streets, but one street reminded me two ocean eyes; eyes which were on my way. I never looked at her, and she…she waited for me as usual. Whenever it was time of my arrival in that street, she often left her scarf and slippers running fast to that wall just for my one look. Without knowing her name, I named her Laila, Shereen and sometimes Sammo, because who could bear so much if not they?

I unknowingly felt grip of her eyes as if I was in search of something beyond words; I felt love for her_ that love which turns walk into fly, hot wind into snow and depression into happy wishes.

I entered into a new life with her love as if people were singing wishes whenever I was walking along the main road to my college. All of these compelled me to name my love as Sammo.

The easiest work gets changed into the toughest when you try to do it. I was very near to that street. There seemed a car parked and four boys standing there aggressively. One of them gripped me back holding the gunpoint on my head. I was out of consciousness. Every heartbeat memorized me the moments: the smile of Sammo, prayers and dreams of my mother for my marriage and handkerchief given by my sister.

After three hours, I felt dying. I was put in a water tank. Each second of that moment killed me thousand times. I felt losing movement of my each part of body. They put me out and buried me alive in a forest. It was Balach who with his friends murdered me because he loved Sammo.

I think of no revenge, but I cannot see Sammo living like a dead body. Mother Shari remembers me with tears falling down from her dry cheeks. Mahgunj… don’t punish me with your loneliness. Sammo… I am in your shadow. My body was snatched, but my soul accompanies you everywhere.

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The writer studies BBA at University of Turbat & teaches at DELTA academy