An empty house

seeing no light within
Knock knock no replay
Only cries of disappeared man’s hollowness
A house with no spirit in it
knowing well the one inside
abandoned it
Disappeared from a long time
With no replay no traces
Loneliness of the house narrating a tale of loneliness of its masters
on a doorstep made of broken bones
abandon soul yet no answer
Another knock and then a cry
a call out to what should be there
Only emptiness that was formed from decades
tears rolling down palesh cheeks
as no answer to my pleading to I hear
He replied you want my soul
my soul wonders in remaining ruins of my house
there is dream dust on the windows
walking like a living dead with no soul
boarding up and staying closed
I’ve given no reason for it to stay
for all I ever seem to offer is pain
“I’m sorry,” I say to my soul
whispered through shaking lips and falling tears from a tortured body that came from a torture cell
“I’m sorry that I broke you
sorry after such a genocide of souls you couldn’t stay here anymore…”
Since then what I own is body only
When we are picked by earthly gods
All they do is snatch your soul!
With one last look at the door of
disappeared man
I went forward to my next knock of another disappeared man’s lost soul…

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