The world has been suffering from a deadly virus (Covid-19 ) which has caused a huge number of economical problems and losses of lives to every country. In fact, most part of the world was entirely locked down which is gradually getting to normalize these days.

On the other hand, the youths_the strength and futures of any nation_ are suffering from the curse of the virus. We [the students] have lost four months in our learning careers because every learning institute has remained closed for almost 4 months.

Due to this many of us even have not checked inside our books of schools, colleges or universities or even the tasks we were given are incomplete. Because getting a long vocation takes away the rhythm of studies.

However, there is an opportunity to continue our studies which is attending online classes, but it needs things like proper internet connection, laptops or smartphones etc which most students_ specially of Balochistan_ do not have at all.

With the passage of time, situations started to get better but still there is no improvement in educational institutions because till date the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions are shut down.

Now even every child is asking the same question to the government if companies, festivals, markets can be reopened then why cannot educational institutions be opened by taking precautionary measurements? Or does Corona Virus only attack on educational institutions?

Everyone knows that education is very important and stopping it can be very harmful. We face any shortcomings about anything, but we cannot bear anything wrong about our studies_ no matter how great the compulsions are.

The government has announced to reopen educational institutions on September 15. We hope the schools, colleges and universities will open as scheduled and there will not be any further delay.

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