The setting of the sun and sparking of the moon perpetually create tranquillities for artists to grace the inenarrable sooth and to embellish the untold story of their lives.

Out of the corner of their eyes the artists espy themselves in a solitary journey and a solitary life making an artistic creation. Therefore, they value for them tranquillity and ability to craft the arts.

The artists always engender the hilarity and morosity in the crafted arts. The mirthful arts bring durable whoops for individuals and sometimes the other arts groan.

Forsooth, an artist paints with great vehemence and indulges himself/herself into that art which surely begets joviality and forlornity.

I found Art everywhere:
Arts in souls
Arts in words and thoughts
Arts in Moon and Sun
Arts in the universe
Arts in silence.

To simplify, our universe is a crafted art by God. Every art in the universe has a diverse history of past, therefore, every soul smiles differently; some smile in silence and others with grief.

The artists always decorate themselves with no words because wisdom exists in them. They always depict untold words and stories in arts. Sometimes the artists create unimaginable words in the crafted arts.

The Art is the history that speaks the agony of peace and battle.

The Art is a joy that articulates the agony of the mirth.

The Art is the prodigy that embellishes the depressed spirit.

The Art is the untold story that arts the artists’ lives.

Sometimes I feel that the universe is only a crafted art with no captions, so does the life. Coming up with the sights of heavenly scenarios, I see arts nowhere. But I believe they exist everywhere.

The artists enunciate everything in the arts even though the unspoken words. Similarly, seeing the sunset and the pitch-dark firmament, I wonder the beauty of universe and the bonhomous artists as they portray every groovy story in the art.

Perceiving God’s artistry, I realise that artists get into arts with great sensation and lighten the souls, so does the God.

Allah the Almighty has crafted everything beautifully and so flawlessly with majesty and diversity. His artistry in the creation of artists is really admirable.

The arts of the artists bring mellowness to one’s soul. The enthusiasm and creativity of them in the crafted arts make placidity for every dead-soul and wind down their stressfulness.

Melody, I deem, is the art that matters the most. It has always been a relaxer of spirits. It is the art collected into words and sung with great enthusiasm.

The artist with all the ardor pens it and the Artist with all the emotions sings it.

Artists paint their emotions and feelings; they communicate and express their lives’ ins and outs via painting. Art lives no matter what. The Art lives whether or not, the artist is dead or alive and it keeps guiding the contemporaries about mediaeval periods and primitive men.

I believe, Art is a must-have accessory in our lives, be that the art of music, paints and colours. Art is the spoken language of every artist. The artists art the untold story of every trampled being!

“Art completes what nature cannot bring to a finish. The artist gives us knowledge of nature’s unrealised ends.”

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