Ganj Malik was very much happy. Her happiness appeared to everybody because that day her son was returning back from abroad. It marked 8 years that Ganj Malik had not seen him. Not seeing her son for years is so painful that only a mother can comprehend. She had passed her days with soulless obscurity. As a mother’s love is unconditional and incomparable.

However, Ganj Malik was a divorced woman who lived with her upcoming daughter-in-law, Sammi in Drajaben_the town. Actually, when Hothman_ Ganj Malik’s ex-husband_ left her, her niece Sammi stayed with her to help her in household works as she was alone. And by the time when Hothman left his family, his son went abroad to earn money for himself and his mother.

However, people say, Hothman fell in love with one of his co-workers. To marry her, he had to fulfill the condition derived from her which was to leave his family.

Since Sammi’s childhood Ganj Malik had been asking for Sammi’s hand for her son. As both sisters were very much beloved, Sammi’s mother agreed.

Back to the moment, Ganj Malik made all the preparations for her son’s wedding. Inside, Sammi was also very happy and excited as she was going to meet her fiance after years.

Sammi was a beautiful girl and had ethical values within. She was decent, well mannered and innocent. One thing which she lacked was education. She was illiterate but besides this she was perfect_ perfect in herself.

Sammi’s friends teased her by calling her fiance’s and other relevant names.

“Hey Sammi, will you leave us and go abroad?” asked a friend.

“No, Sammi will not leave us. She and her husband will stay here forever with aunt Ganj Malik.” another friend answered.

Listening to these, Sammi thought, “Will Shayak (the son of Ganj Malik) really take me abroad alone? I will not go without my aunt Ganj Malik. If I leave aunt then who will take care of her?” she murmured to herself.

In the meanwhile, a car horned. Kids started shouting loudly, “It is Shayak.”

Everyone moved to the car. Other men helped Shayak by bringing his luggages from the car. Shayak entered into house, her mother hugged him, kissed his forehead and hands. Both of their eyes filled with tears. The moment was so precious and loveable. Seeing the love of mother and son is so beautiful as it is the purest love of all.

Now Shayak was served with meal. After meal, everybody left for their homes. It was now Ganj Malik, Shayak and Sammi at home. Shayak asked for water, so Sammi brought him a glass of water. Looking at Sammi, he asked his mother about Sammi.

Knowing that Shayak even did not recognise her, Sammi felt upset and broken. She silently went to next room.
Her mother replied, “Don’t you recognise Sammi? She is my niece, your cousin and fiancee. Soon she will be your wife.”

Hearing this, Shayak got suprised and shocked.

“Mother, my fiancée? I even do not know her, how is she my fiancée?”

Her mother told the childhood relationship which she and her sister had made.

“But mother, before reaching here I thought Sammi was here to help you, and it has been many years you never told about this relationship.”

“I have told you many times indirectly because I thought you are mature enough and will get what I say.” replied her mother.

“But mom, I am already in a relationship and by the time I will go back, I will marry.”

Listening to this, Ganj Malik and Sammi both broke inside. The dreams, the wishes, everything ruined just in seconds. It seemed world ended for both Ganj Malik and Sammi.

Ganj Malik took Sammi’s hand and said to Shayak, “Look at her face, she has been waiting for you since her childhood. She has been with me staying in this ghost house just for you, and today you are refusing her.”

Shayak gloweringly turned his face to his mother and said, “I have not made any agreement to marry your niece.”

Hearing this, Sammi with tears in her eyes, and pain in her heart left the room and absconded to her own home.

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