The flash immediately clicked my unknown thoughts. I lost myself in ocean of thoughts and questions. Who is the one who gave me freedom from the caged pain of anguish? How can a person be this nice to me?

Generally, I always find myself a broken soul encircled with lamention of the demise of my dreams, but the grievance flew away when the shadow of this man became a part of my life. This precious gift is a blessing I got in shape of my father.

People, in this world, write very few, discuss a little in regard of a father and I get perplexed of this act. I, being a daughter, thought much about the essence of a father but got disappointed that why people mention him the least in all points. He must be a topic of study, heart of a book, ink of a pen since he is all a world for his children.

To be very frank, I too did not know how a father is worthwhile until I found him in serious illness. The strom rained over me and the flood stole my comfort when I saw the man in tears of pain who did and is making improbable actions to enlighthtens our ways.

A father is the most consequential part of every child since he is irreplaceable.

There is no one born yet to burn midnight candles, sacrifice every nap, and forget himself just to protect his children from all the risky aspects unless he is a father.

I realized it very late but I realized to know that my father is; the beauty of my ugly world. He is the charm of my gloomy world and the sound of my silence. He is the best portion of me whose mentorship is unique.

I never feel myself in solitude and in loneliness seeing my father near me. He is the only one who supports me, respects me, gives me security and never thinks immoral about me. In real sense my father is my love_ first love of my existence where I am adored the most instead of getting decieved.

My words are so less to define the worth of my father who never sees days and nights, hotness and coldness, but just works to bless me a blissful life.

Being children, we must never hurt and disrespect our real hero of life as there is no one found in world as optimal like him. He is the only one who takes all liabilities sincerely and bears harshest times for us by encountering never-ending ruthlessness.

Be a kind soul for him and make everything appropriate on the ways he goes. Since there is no one to save us from scorching sun as a dad does. Thank you dad for everything.

The writer studies Political Science at University of Turbat.

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