No doubt, a society’s progress is a result of the rendered contributions of the youngsters. They have the capacity and capability to turn the fate of a community and to bring about some striking changes in a given society. Sadly, when the youths forget their duties and responsibilities, the society gets lost in no times.

Unfortunately, our Baloch community is busy in marijuana and other types of drug consumption and putting their precious lives at risk for sake of temporary relaxation. Despite the fact that they can have a very challenging long-term life with the drugs, they go with short term benefits and take drugs to extremes.

It is a sad reality that marijuana consumption is very common in Baloch society. The rate of marijuana consumption is very high. You can possibly come across a great many number of young people who consistently consume marijuana filling in cigrattes and taking out deep sighs. They excessively consume it and are indulged in maximum consumption of marijuana.

Some of them even though steal in order to seek temporary relaxation through marijuana and other lethal drugs consumption. Most of people also use it to get rid of domestic and financial tensions. Whereas, the drugs leave long-lasting tensions, but they do not know all about. And when they are told the realties, they ignore everything.

This small deed leads to a higher unhealthy activity and slowly and gradualy pushes them to the path of destruction. It cannot be estimated that how many mothers have lost their beloveds because of drug addiction, whereas, marijuana consumption may contribute to bad health of deceased ones. What we need to do is, we should and must keep ourselves at bay to such drugs and advise others not to indulge in drug consumption.


Qasim Jan

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