Child marriage has become a common practice in the rural areas of Balochistan. The ratio is increasing day by day. It has eventually got merged as a custom for most of the areas, whereas, some others have other reasons to get their young daughters married. It is, however, a clear violation of human rights.

According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 22.82 per cent children are deprived of schooling out of which 32 per cent are the victims of child marriages. As per local estimates, they were compelled to leave their studies, either by their parents or the opposite sides.

However, it is shocking to know that small children_ approximately 10 to 12 ages_ are forced to marry with old men. How come a child of 10 to 12 years manage with an old man of more than 40 years? It is a serious violation of Human Rights but who cares!

A research indicates that marrying a child at early age when physically and mentally immature is very detrimental and unbearabe. Because these children never really experience what is to be a child and are assumed to hold out the duties of a wife at the age when they should have toys in their hands.

Marrying children at this age not only wipes out their minds, but also crashes their dreams. Many of them wish to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors etc, but they can only become professionals if they get education. Sadly, they are kept very far from education.

According to an estimate, approximately half of Baloch children are being married before 18, which is very disheartening. As children how can they bear such circumstances?

The root causes behind the tradition of spreading the ratio of child marriages are illiteracy, poverty and unemployment which compel the poor parents to sell their innocent daughters to very older men for the sake of money and removing their hunger.

There is no doubt that it is ruining their feelings and emotions, but all they can do it is to wed them away. Even, most other parents get them married to older people for they fear their daughters must not go unmarried.

Therefore, to alleviate the given problem, the society should stand against this terrible violation of human rights and protect the innocent children from life exercuciation. Secondly, education must be provided to the children which can remove the tensions of their parents to go unmarried. Because when daughters are self-dependent they worry not of marrying, but the men.

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