Greetings Sajid!

I know Sajid you are wondered and surprised that why I wrote a letter to you. Because you don’t know who I am….. For, you never saw me and also I never saw you, never met you. Sajid, you are absolutely right that you do not know who I am in person… but I know you_ very well. In fact, all Baloch nation knows you.

When I listened the news of your abduction from Uppsala (Sweden) I became a bit dumbstruck that how could you be missing from Sweden, Sajid! The abduction of yours made me to pray to God for your safe recovery, but Allah had some different plans for you.

Sajid, you are a conscienced and truthful person. You have been threatened but you never put back your step. You always chose the way of truth. You suffered and sacrificed a lot in life but you never gave up. I learned many things from your life and from your precious works.

To be very honest, I still cannot believe you are dead. Because you are still alive somewhere_ maybe somewhere in this world or hereafter. Amidst us, you are alive in shape of your struggles; you are alive in shape of your works. Nevertheless, you are an immortal soul around us.

Sajid, your loss gives such a gap which is impossible to be filled. We lost a personality in the world, a legend and a great human.

Sajid, when I heard that your dead body is found from the uppsala river…….. I became shocked and nervous. I thought that after some days I will be able to forget you easily because I don’t know you very well and you were never a close friend to me, even not a friend but I was wrong, I was totally wrong. I am not able to forget you, I think I will never be able to forget you. You forcefully make your portion in my life_ that portion which cannot be closed and forgot by me.

When I miss you, I see your innocent face somewhere in my thoughts. I feel you are asking a question to me. I still cannot pose what you are actually asking, but the question sounds like: why cannot sufferings be converted into freedom? And every time this question makes me restless.

Sajid, if it is possible then please come back!

From your unknown friend.

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