In the cemetery corpses schmooze with moon at every passing night and I love looking at them. God always chats with all corpses of the graveyard, but except one. May they are apoplectic with each other. In the graves, every corpse tells the truth as a lie, except the old blind man who tells lies as a truth. God has left him ignored. For he tells the truth. He has committed no sins. But still God longs to punish him. He desperately wails in the darkest grave, but no one hears.The God himself deplores him and the blind man laments over his existence as a human being.

My spirit witnesses, the old man was always delirious with fever and other corpses told him abusive words; but he mostly kept dead silence as if he was deaf and dumb. He had never took a snooze in the grave. He scared from the snakes and other perilous insects. Everything differs. But zilch!

Similarly, he had some unfulfilled dreams. He desired to sell out the deams in the graves to earn a little sum of money. He wished to bribe God to rid of God’s unbearable punishments. He went grave to grave for selling the dreams, but there was none to buy. After passing multifold hours, he became dog-tired and exhausted. He tries to bestow the dreams to others to gain virtue, but none accepted them. He sits and cries!

To forthgo, I vividly remember the night when I saw an old untrimmed and swart man with no eyes was embracing an antediluvian grave in a very caliginous night. This old man was always looking at the moon and stars to share his secrets with, but they ignored him. He kept talking with himself. The old man with long beard mostly sits alone. He did not bother himself to communicate with anyone even though with God. Whenever he was sitting alone, he could only shed tears. His dead body was wet and covered with tears as if he was thrown into a river and taken out from it. His body was enclosed with a lot of lesions.

Once he was oozing as if he had lost his everything. I managed to go to him, but I scared. I stood nearby the corpse (old blind man), but I did not get why he was wailing and accolling the ancient grave.

Thenceforth, I could feel he had totally enwrapped himself in a deep thought. I questioned myself; whose grave is it? Who is in the grave? Why God longed to punish the only corpse who is truthful and innocent? Does everyone see him sobbing at every dawn? How beautiful the darkest grave is!

The old man was always engrossed in worshipping the God in the darkest grave in every passing night. God is blessed to have the heaven-sent mad with Him. I believe, they chat with each other in silence!

When I awoke, I could only see the book with the pen which were on my chest.

The darkest grave was invisible! I screamed!

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The writer is a student of Law at Faculty of Law, University of Turbat and a part time teacher at DELTA. He writes for different national newspapers. He has also won Agahi Award (Pakistan's biggest Journalism Awards) in the category of Human Rights in 2018. He can be reached at [email protected] and tweets at @MunajGul