I would never pray for heaven because I have already got a heaven in this world, who I believe my mom is. A mother who can take place of all others and play their roles so smoothly, but no one else can take her place and play her role.

Mom, when I am away from you, I feel I am still with you. When my eyes are closed, I still see you. When I am awake, I still dream of you. When I feel I have everything, I still need you so desperetely and so closely, mom.

You are an inspiration for our entire family. You have always been sharing your kind and caring spirit with everyone in the family. You are like that roots of an old tree; no one can see them, but everyone knows that it makes the tree live longer and stronger. You are the oxygen of my body, my savior.

Getting you in my life is not more than a very beautiful blessing of daydream. You are a spark of hope for me to spread my light to the world. You are a world to me. You are my favorite personality ever mom.

Wishing you a day filled with everything you love. Love you Mom, and Happy Mother’s Day.

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