Sometimes, I pass my whole night by thinking how beautiful the universe is. How beautifully the moon shines at night! How all the stars sparkle! I smile and sit in a corner of my study room by remembering the divine words of my late father. He used to sit with me side by side and made me engaged in study all the time. His words mean a lot to me.

From him, the journey of my writing begins. My dad is the sole mentor of my life. I learnt much about life from him; he had huge knowledge about the happenings of my society. I always sat with him at nights to enhance my knowledge.

After his departure, I were left all alone. Everything seemed spitch-dark. I could see nothing, but his said words invariably enlighten my soul. Perpetually, the soul ignites with burried memories.

Till to-date, I see him sitting very close to me. He still tries to make me engrossed in that book (The Mother by Maxim Gorkey). He used to suggest me by saying, “Munaj Jan, please read and write. Because in reading you learn and in writing you understand how beautifully God arts one’s life and how beautifully one thinks in creating anew beauties in their life.”

On that day, I got how God crafted the human beings with different thinking and how beautiful sprits are. From that day on, I started recognizing myself.

In no time, I found that the silence, aloneness and freedom were all the parts of my existence. They always rekindle my spirit. By now, I smile in each situation, because smile means everything to me. I understand how to deal with the situation, by dint of smile.

Most of the time, I sit alone in my study room because aloneness fortifies my soul. Thenceforth, silence and aloneness are my true friends since my childhood. I always speak with myself. I try to recognize the worth of my existence. I speak in no words thenceforward. I wish to be all myself.

I mostly sit on the chair in dead silence. Indeed, quietness means a lot to my soul. I always keep the pen to write something in the diary; might all the true stories of each passing day. As once my beloved father suggested me to write about all the situations that I face in my daily life. I always get into them in silence. My written words remain suggestions for me forever.

Howbeit, I truly remember my late father’s words who advised me to tell the truth no matter what the situation remains. Once he recommended me to read a story about truth; how it looks like? After a long read of the story from a book, I learnt that whenever someone tells the truth, then they ought to learn how to walk alone.

In the read, I got that most of the people in the region detest the truth and adore lies. Because they themselves are unaware who they are. I have always been loathed by a great many people, because I find the faults in them which they dislike. As the same, I despise the lies. I learnt a lot from my faults. They were my true teachers indeed.

To quote a beautiful saying, “Do not fear; he who fears hates; he who hates kills.” This is what motivated me to be a lover of my own despisers. I learnt many lessons from them accordingly.

Life is a true teacher, it teaches a lot in every situation. All the time, I am engaged in books, for they are the parts of my existence. Literature and music are my two beautiful and trusted companions since my childhood.

To pose a question, why do I love music and literature a lot?

Let me clear the posed question through the beautiful say of my role model that describes why I always have fond feelings for literature and music. He believes, “Listening to the music recollects all memories of mine. And literature guides me to be myself.” That’s why, it is a masterpiece for my soul. Might I am a part of literature or might not. Thus, I always have love for them.

I witness, that most of the times in my childhood, my beloved father shared meaningful stories to me. But one-day, he forgot. As the next day, I reminded him that the previous night I had no sleep, for he had not shared a story. He understood and questioned me, “Did you imagine about the life of a bird, how beautiful it looks?”

I tried to convince him by saying that the birds are the most attractive creature of God. They are beautiful and so as their life. They play with the nature and nature arts their way of living. But yet he agreed to disagree, “How the caged birds feel the beauty of nature? The humans have snatched their God-gifted freedom, haven’t they?” He asked me in a very low tone.

Then, I realized freedom is only to be free and do whatsoever the heart says. It finds out the smiles of every creature. He advised me to write a small piece on the birds.

On the next day, the journey of my writing started. I vividly remember the title of my first written piece “If I were a bird!” in which I tried to define how beautiful birds are! How much freedom they own? How melodiously they sing in the morning? How close are they with beautiful nature?

I thought that birds always meet God in the morning and tell everything to Him. Their sufferings too. Though I gave my first ever write-up to my dad to read.

Today, I know it was full of grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and words, too, were mismanaged; but he, who always appreciated and motivated me to write more. “No matter how mismanaged your words are. What matters how long you would stay with writing. Because in writing you will learn.” He concluded in a big smile.

In my writing, I faced a lot of difficulties. My beloved father departed very soon after my second phase of writing. In the second phase, I contributed my letters, blogs, articles, stories and poetries to the outlets. I failed to get them published in many times. I struggled a lot with it. I beshrewed my fate (kismat).

I gave my writings to many people to rectify them, but all in vain. They never bothered themselves to check them out. They were always against my writing. But I quoted the beautiful saying to console myself. “Leave the world whatever it says, it says a lot.” They always criticized me. But I took their criticism positively. It helped me a lot to emerging a writer in a young age.

Soon after the rejection of my writing, I was about to give the writing up, but luckily, I remember the words of my late-father, “Munaj Jan, always try to play with the words. Write for yourself. Write about you. Writing is like a game, play with it. Your writing always recognizes who you are and what you think. Writing is not all about publications.” The inspirational words of my beloved dad were always the source of motivation which encouraged me to move on. In the aforementioned phase, I failed to get any of my write-ups published in a single outlet.

The struggle of my journey in writing continues. The 3rd phase of my writing starts in 2016 in which I get my write-ups published in different newspapers. Everyone appreciates my work even though people who were against my writings.

In no time, I confronted a private teacher-cum-freelancer based in Turbat, Sir Monis Ali. He motivated me a lot in the world of writing. He always told me anew techniques of writing. He put a great role in the journey of my writing.

More importantly, DELTA, The Change Agent, always dispenses the exceptional tribune to everyone to showcasing their secluded aptitudes. It also helped me to showcasing my talent.

“Since 2001, DELTA has set sails for an educated society through developing Reading and Writing cultures. DELTA aims at refining the latent art of the youth by encouraging them to read and write. This is how DELTA develops innovative readers and writers,” respected sir Barket Ismail says.

In DELTA, I got many young writers who encouraged me a lot to write more. Successfully, I sat with a great many creative writers by then. I have love and respect for all. They are the true sources of motivation for many writers.

To conclude, writing is the art in which the writers art their lives. Writers are always the voices of the voiceless people. Being yourself in writing beautifies your life. All in all, the story goes on….!

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The writer is a student of Law at Faculty of Law, University of Turbat and a part time teacher at DELTA. He writes for different national newspapers. He has also won Agahi Award (Pakistan's biggest Journalism Awards) in the category of Human Rights in 2018. He can be reached at and tweets at @MunajGul