Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10 in every year internationally to express respect, honour and love towards mothers. It is a day which reminds this complete world is bound in a relationship that is unidemanding.

This is truly a special event to honour the contribution of a mother, acknowledge the efforts and role of a mother in our society. As my mother is not less than a very beautiful blessing for me, it is a challenging task to describe her in words.

For every child, mother is the most caring and loving person. As for me my mother plays the role of a helper when I am helpless. When I get bored, she plays the role of a friend. She spends sleepless nights when any member of family falls sick ,she plays the role of a doctor.She is the only person who plays all the roles .

She can sacrifice anything in her life with a smiling face for the benefits of her family. Words may finish but the work which a mother does are uncountable.

No one can deny the fact that there is no love so lasting, so strong, so devoted and dedicated as that first and purest of all love than a mother’s love.

However, a mother’s contribution cannot be returned back in one day. She is the one who thinks about their children every time and does everything for their felicity. Her sacrifice can not be counted. She gives her full efforts and never expect anything in return.

That’s why, a mother is the most pulchritudinous gift one can ever get. So, give much respect and honour to your mother. She is even worth that. She bears so much pain to bring you in the world, now it is your time to heal her all pains the world gives her.

Finally, I wish a very merry Mother’s Day to all of the mothers of the world_ particularly the mothers of Balochistan. And I ask every child to be the second hand for your mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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