Some months ago, I was on my way to Karachi from Quetta for spending my winter vacations. We were travelling by a bus and it was mostly loaded with students. But, there was only one family, a mother with two kids who were on way to Karachi too.

It was a night journey. I could see the mother of those two kids caring for her children and was awaken all night ensuring that they were comfortable.

Beside me a boy was sitting whose eyes were filled with tears as he watched the immense love and care of the mother for her children.

“Why are you weeping? Is everything OK?” I asked

“Yes, everything is fine”, replied the boy.

I insisted him, “Let me know if you are unwell and need any assistance.”

He burst into tears but did not say anything.

I asked him time and again for the reason and my willingness to help.

And then he spoke, “Once I too was loved and cared by my mother in the way she is adoring her children.”

“Where is your mum?” I asked with great concern.

He answered, ” My mother has passed away two days ago and therefore I am going to Karachi.”

This news shattered me. I tried my best to console him all the way till our destination.

After we reached, he hugged me with tearful eyes and left towards his home. I left for my home.

This incident transformed my life and increased my love of the most beautiful relation ever, of my mother.

Since, then I realized the importance of mothers in one’s life. Even though I have diligently started loving and caring for my mother thereafter.

It is a humble request to all those who have their mothers alive with them to kindly love, care and respect them. Because no other relationship can be more beautiful than having a mother in one’s life, for she is the only gift, blessed once in one’s life.

So, on eve of the International Mothers’ Day on May 10th, the best way to celebrate is to be a caring and obedient child.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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