Dale Carnegie’s “The leader in you” is one of my most favorite books. This book of Dale is full of highly amusing ideas. After reading this book entirely, I got to know of the underlying serious messages and ideas it contains.

The first idea which captured my mind is
‘Find the leader’. Literally everybody is a born leader. Even you are a born leader. The only thing is to find that leader in you.

Another mainstreamed idea was to ‘explore yourself’. For exploring yourself you should know purpose of your life. Then you can become a leader.

‘Expressing your interest’ with different catagories and with your different thoughts is yet another content of the book. It plays a vital role in shaping a leader in practical.

A leader is someone who takes the charge by ‘influencing the people’ to the best ways. He is someone who leads from the front and forces others to follow him. He does not beg for followers but create followers.

Another important thing this book taught me is to criticise your mistakes and encourage yourself no metter how you feel. Sometimes you have to speak the word over yourself.

Team up for tomorrow with a group of people focusing on one aim is another lesson of Dale’s lovely collection. With team work intelligence wins championship.
Lastly but not least, Dale suggests to focus on and be well-deciplined. Because he thinks focus determines the reality. So, stay focussed and move towards your goals.

All in all, Dale’s words always reminds me of my true leader who supported me as a leader. He is Sir Barkat Ismail who was very influential in my life. I, till date, remembers the one best thing Sir Barkat complemented for me when he said, “You are going to be a leader. So, engage yourself honestly with books.”

In fact, this book of Dale Carnegie “The leader in you” is one of the best gifts I have ever received_ that too by my leader.

So, I ask the other future leaders to have this book and change a great deal of their attitude towards becoming a better leader. This book changed me a lot. I belong it will work to a large extent for you too.

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