The short Balochi film (Parcha Ke Man Sowalokaan) is a well directed film by one of the most inspirational directors Anwar Ghulam and was released in 2014. Anwar Gulam is an inspiration for the Baloch actors and he has proved himself to be known as a role model in the region. Because he owns countless love and respect for Balochi culture and literature.
The released film rotates around the conditions of orphans in our society. It, too, is a comedy short film, but has very sorrowful dialogues. He described the state of orphans in details through his actings.
In the film, Anwar Ghulam acted the role of an orphan ( Sowaluk) and was unvalued by his masses. The beginning of the film reminds us that Sowaluk is a comedy poet. His comedic words through his poetries are often unbearable for everyone in the society.
The short film begins in a small gathering of some friends sitting with Sowaluk and attentively listening to his poetries. After all, a friend feels that the funny words of Sowaluk are the indications towards him ( But reality differs), he asks Sowaluk to leave the place. Sowaluk without any debate leaves them pondering about an illiterate man in comedic words that cannot be convinced further.
On a sudden, Sowaluk meets a member from his society on the way who has exactly arrived from a foreign country. Sowaluk gets glad after seeing him and gives funny expressions deciding to inform everyone about his arrival.
The man asks Sowaluk not to tell people about his arrival as he wanted to give them a surprise. Funny in this is that Sowaluk misunderstands the word “Surprise” and thinks that it is ( Sarag Prize). After that he understands its meaning, he intentionally surprises the man without letting him surprise anybody.
He tells the man that his complete family is no more due to a terrible flood occurring in Balochistan and his property is damaged completely. The man without understanding all; it is a Surprise by Sowaluk. He wanders hither and thither and cries for all he had lost .
This is one of the funniest scenes in this short film.
However, the main theme of the film starts when sowaluk at one night goes in Naku Ganguzar’s house to have two (Mulki) eggs stolen as he was victimised by a terrible cough and was suggested to have eggs which he could get from Naku Ganguzar’s house without having him informed.
When he tries to steal the eggs, Naku Ganguzar catches him and puts Sowaluk in a Chicken box with his hands tight by a rope till dawn.
Naku Ganguzar was in search for the best punishment to Sowaluk only for stealing two eggs to cure the cough; goes to Waja Rahmatullah ( who is the leader in the film) to punish Sawaluk for he stole the eggs.
 They gave two choices to Sowaluk whether to eat 50 onions or to be beaten 50 sticks. He pleads but none listens. Though he has not stolen them, but was punished. Everyone becomes stone deaf when it comes to the pleads of orphans and helpless of the society. He bewails.
Sowaluk’s innocence made him seek the punishment of both by having small breaks between them. He, thus, eats the 50 onions and was beaten by 50 sticks as well.
This short film ends with the sorrowful words of an orphan Sowaluk by stating, ” We live in a country where several unexpected crimes take place, people are looted, innocent youths are murdered, helpless are tortured but there comes no one to implement the  punishments on them. They ruin lives and ruin the country, but are never punished. I am given such a big punishment only for intending to have two eggs stolen just because I am a poor and helpless. People call me Sowaluk instead of Sowal Mohammad just because I own nothing.”
After watching this short film, my heart wrenched, questions overflowed in my mind and all I was left frustrated. We live in a society where orphans are helpless, equality among people does not exist and punishments are only made for the helpless ones. Criminals are not punished for the atrocities they do to harm the helpless people and innocent youths. To pose the questions; Will the society change its mindset and give equality to all? Will the helpless people and orphans get a good state in the society? Would the punishments be implemented on them or only…?
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