‘You Can Win’ is an inspiring book jotted down by Indian author and educator Shiv Khera. It is, no doubt, a source of oxygen for dead souls and a glimmer of hope for hopeless people.
Every chapter of the book begins with an encouraging quote and encourages the reader to be preoccupied with it. The book carriers worth-reading topics which are mentioned below.
 Importance of attitude
It wonderfully elaborates the significance of attitude. Attitude is the most important element of life which plays a crucial role in every sphere of it. It enumerates the power of attitude by citing a study. Author says that people’s attitude contributes to success, as per a study was done by Harvard University, they say 85 percent people get a job because of their attitude, and only 15 percent of people get a job because they are smart or intelligent.
Build a positive attitude
In order to build a positive attitude, one is bound to follow six steps that include:
       1)   Change focus, look for positive.
       2)   Develop an attitude of gratitude.
       3) Never use strong language.
       4) Use the things that you need
       5) Start a day positively.
The book guides us how to witness ourselves to succeed in our lives which is a burning desire of everyone. The secret of success can be learnt by going through biographies of successful people.
The author says that motivation plays a vital role in society, and it is the essence of leadership. A leader motivates an individual to seek a successful legacy. We must follow the spirit of motivation in our life.
What is holding us back?
This book also determines us the reason of why we are holding back and tell us how to overcome this dilemma:
        1) First, acknowledge your fear
         2) Write it down
        3) Ask yourself: what’s the worst thing             that can happen?
        4) Prepare yourself for the battle
        5) Just do it
This chapter contains the concept of self-esteem which underpins every positive experience in our life. It helps one to see the positive in every negative situation, cope with adversity and appreciate the good times.
Interpersonal skills
It tells us about interpersonal skills, be it ego or pride. The biggest obstacle of making a positive relationship is ego. Ego gives a swollen head, while pride gives a swollen heart. Ergo, both must be discouraged in the wake of polishing interpersonal skills.
Build a positive personality
It deals with some steps to build a positive personality:
         (1) Accept reasonability.
         (2) Chose your words carefully.
         (3) Never complain.
         (4) Smile and be kind                                       (5) Discuss but, never argue.
Goal setting
It explains how to set goals in order to achieve something. Without goals, people never attempt anything greatly, it is inevitable to set up goals for accomplishing success.
Values and vision
This chapter describes the essence of values and vision. There is a huge reason behind why people do not achieve excellence in their life. Lack of vision is the main cause which is usually neglected by us. In fact, vision and excellence move together.
This book highlights the importance of discipline, attitude, commitment, motivation and many more. I really enjoyed reading each page of this book. I highly recommend it for all those students who aspire to lead a positive and victorious life.
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