Doctors are always considered the real heroes of any nation since they sacrifice their precious lives to secure others, especially in this crucial time of COVID-19. These heroes are again on the frontline of the struggle against coronavirus.

In present time, in different parts of the world people are showing gratitude to doctors and medical staffs in the form of applause, songs and other ways.
We also salute our doctors, health workers and paramedical staff from the bottom of our hearts for risking their own lives to serve the nation.

It is the foremost responsibility of the state to provide all the personal protective equipments (PPE) to the health personnel in order to combat with covid-19.
Regrettably, a 26-year-old doctor Osama Riaz lost his precious life while securing the victims of coronavirus. He contacted with the virus while he was serving the covid-19 patients .

Most of the doctors, nurses and Ward attendants are not being provided personal protective equipments. They are the real heroes and they must be appreciated, protected and respected.

It is urged to the government to protect doctors, health workers and paramedical staff who are the only hope to fight against this deadly disease.

Mahjabeen Hassan

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