“Think and Grow Rich” is a self-help book. This is one of the most powerful pack of inspirational lessons one can ever read.

Authored by Napoleon Hill ,this book becomes a must read for the beginners, as a student of English language ,I was also recommended by a friend to read this book. Now I feel it my duty to share what I learnt from the book ,besides this I would like to suggest the beginners and every individual ;do read this book.

Human by nature is a researcher , some sort greedy and full of desires.

Desire, these are the most puissant instincts that trigger our mind.

The quote that ” Success begins in mind.” is genuinely an eternal truth focusing on the nature of human.

Mr. Hill states that, ” Your are a creation of your thoughts.”  by this he further elucidates this with our desires , actually his entire book revolves around the subject of desire. According to the writer, if our intentions become burning desires, we will definitely accomplish them.

About the desire he simplifies something very essential that is , faith or belief.

Faith is such an emotion when any of your thought that is mixed with any other bad emotion such as anger or fear ,it will constantly instruct us to be focused on what we have ahead means it shows our real objective.

Accordingly, he says the part of our brain that is called the “Subconscious mind” is the main factor that follows the thoughts mixed with emotions.

Autosuggestion, ( suggestions to your own self) plays a very vital role to link our thoughts means burning desires to the subconscious mind following these suggestions our subconscious mind gives us a result.

Moreover, he believes, failure is when we quit, which simply means we believe on impossibilities more than the possibilities. Writing is very necessary to remind us of our desires and objectives.

He says we should , but I would say we must note down our goals and a fixed date on which we want to get them.

After having written our goals we must read them twice or thrice a day.

In short, If your desire merely is a desire you can never achieve it, thus make a plan to get what you want ,without a proper planning desires will only remain imaginations.

In this modern world only practical dreamers can change their desires into reality. When the thing you wish to do is right and you believe in it , go ahead and do it. Change your plan into actions , keep thinking about your burning desires  and grow rich.

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