With the passage of time English has become one of the most important languages to be learned since it is the key to clear the provincial and Federal competitive examinations, such as CSS, PCS, PMS and so on. A lot of people don’t have enough knowledge about English: therefore, they face difficulties to clear competitive exams. According to the annual report of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), 98% percent aspirants fail CSS because of their weaknesses in English grammar, essay and prices writing.

I-WELL Academy in Turbat, Kech is playing a great role to build studens’ English Writing, reading, listening and Comprehension skills drastically. I myself have been the student of the I-WELL Academy and found this academy very much helpful for my preparation of Central Superior Service (CSS). Likewise, many students passed different kind of competitive exams after studying in I-WELL Academy. Academy charges only Rs.500 hundred rupees per month which is very much less as compared to the other academies.

Lastly, I’m hopeful that I-WELL Academy will continue providing its quality services to the students and make it easier for them to go for commission.

Akhtar umrani

Kech, Turbat

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