Govt Girls Degree College Turbat is one of the biggest girls College of Balochistan but it really strikes me to mention here that the college lacks buses and other fundamental facilities owing to which students are facing abundant problems.

Education plays a radical role for enlightening human and when it comes to female, it enlightens the entire society. As Napoleon Bonapart Quoted, “If you educate a man, you educate a man, if you educate a female, you educate a nation.” But it hurts me to mention that students of Union Council Koshkalat, Shahitump, Tanzag, and Malikabad are deprived of bus facility and the students of these areas cannot afford to go to college due to which approximately 70 to 80 female students are deprived of going to college.

Furthermore, in today’s modern era students of other provinces have all the modern technological equipment and facilities but the students of Girls College Turbat are running out of a bus which is their fundamental and legitimate right.

Students of Govt Girls Degree college Turbat approached the Principal, Deputy Commissioner for a bus but all in vain and the students are facing sense of frustration and dejection to get higher education.

More Importantly, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch gave manifold buses to Govt Atta Shad Degree College Turbat, Govt Girls Degree College Turbat, and University of Turbat but it is painful to say that the prevailing regime has failed to provide tyres to the buses owing to which the students are deprived of bus facility.

I request concerned authorities to take pragmatic and stern measures to resolve the Bus problem of Government Girls Degree College Turbat.

Nawaz Ellahi

Nawaz is a social activist in Turbat Kech


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