Arz e kana’n (the plea) is a song. It was sung by the genius Naeem Dilpul, in February 2019.”

Every individual in Balochistan and in foreign is familiar with this tittle “Arz-e-Kana’n”. In a short period, this song got so many likes and respect that no song has received in the history of Balochistan till now. It is the most heard song now a days. People like the lines, the presentation and the themes regardless of any age, class and caste system.  There are a lot of questions related to this beautiful song .Why only this song got so many reviews and likes? There is no doubt that it is a classic work ever produced.This song connects one with the nature and tradition.

In true sense, it is the renaissance of Balochi music and culture. Perhaps, the soul of the Balochi music has went through catharsis after the success of this song. There are many legends in Baloch history who have left remarkable marks like: Ustad Ghulam Rasool Denarzai, Ustad Abdul Sattar, Noor Mohammad Nooral and many more. They have been the classic singers in their age. Every singer is the best because of his own qualities but there are some people who leave classic works and present a pure, meaningful, traditional version of literature amidst the corrupt surroundings. Though, he is a man living in the Post-modernism age, where everyone has lost his true self and suffering from identity crisis, he has maintained his true self and secured his identity.

Naeem Dilpul has decorated the song with the jewelries of words and fragranced it with the smell of true Balochi culture. Arz e kana is pure from exaggeration, there is no useless usage of any line or feeling .The featuring and cultural dance of Ahmed Baloch, is a blended version of Khatak and the Balochi dance, is on the contrary most beautiful aspect of the song.

The different taste of Khatak dance has definitely been first introduced in Balochi music. The words of the song have their own beauty but the steps of the dance have added more beauty to it. The dance depicts the mythologies and history of Balochistan. There is not a single line that does not heal the molested souls. It has greatly impressed the people of all ages.

Moreover, the every single word of the song is clearly shown in the every single step of Ahmed Baloch. It needs a lot of hard work to beautify a song and present it in a way that should attract everyone. There are some reasons that might have made Arz e kana the classic work of this genre.

The tradition of Balochistan is shown in the video of the song. There is a strong desire to review the pure version of the music that has been lost. The communication of Ahmed Baloch with the nature through gestural language is a symbol of lively literature and language. Moreover, no informal word has been added to attract the attention of the Public.

Arz-e-Kana got positive feedback after one month when the song was released on YouTube. Different people from various social backgrounds came to know about the gem of Turbat and mass media also became curious to discover about him.

The purpose of this write up is not to discourage any singer but to express the personal views. There is so much attraction, and lively moments in Arz e kana that will compel every individual to love it. He has truly contributed to refresh the lost taste of Balochi music. A lot of songs have been released and there are too many singers but it is the first song in the current era that has been the center of gravity without any exaggeration hitherto. He has given the lyrics as well for the ease of the ones who are unable to understand Balochi language.

Arz-e- kana has a relation with every individual and it touches the heart of every person. Naeem Dilpul has not used lines individually or personally, the lines of the poetry move, please and transport everyone. As the starting of Arz e kana is very fresh, beautiful, and sweet and melodious likewise the ending is more attractive.

Every classic work needs time and time needs patience. It has not been successful in one day but unfortunately negative criticism is still seen. The way he purifies the song and poetry by the soothing music is commendable. It is needless to write that Naeem Dilpul has beautifully used the elements of music and presented the song according to the demand of genre and age.

However, the journey does not end here, his songs are still praised on YouTube and the people of Balochistan are eagerly waiting to hear new songs from the legend; Mr. Naeem Dilpul.

The Song Arz e Kana’n
I plead my love, please
Come and see me; Come and see me that I am overwhelmed
By your memories, I fancy you, I await you
And look forward to your affection
You are very distant from me
You live too far away
You even do not think about me
Are you really that far away
How would I be without you
I will die without you
Therefore; I will be friend to the soil of your town
and knot a message to the wind
I will whistle your fragrance
and reside in the alleys of your place
World is a Bazaar; court of pains
It sews a new story everyday
What a writer it is?
The world cannot stop the passionate
So, I also keep the spirit alive
I seek help from God and pray to him
that, please make her relove me and rethink of me.
I plead my love, please

Come and see me; Come and see me that I am overwhelmed

Critical appreciation of the poetry of Arz-e kan

The speaker: The speaker is the poet himself as he tries to convey his message to the listeners by addressing his own self.

The figure of speech; the writer has used figurative language in his poetry like imagery, smiley. He has imagined the events and created a fictional work. He compares the world with a court of pains that makes the poetry more beautiful and clear.

The tone: The tone of the speaker is pledging, hopeful and exuberant. The writer pleads to his beloved to visit him and he is hopeful that he will return. His spirit is high and energetic, there is no lack of confidence.

Tittle of the poetry: The title “Arz-e-Kana is quite relevant to the other lines and the context .The word “Arz” itself discloses the themes and the meaning of poetry .Throughout the song, the writer tries to convince his mate by pleading and telling his thoughts.

Denotation of the song and poetry: The whole poetry revolves around the memories. Arz-e-Kana is based on a poetry in which the poet pleas to his beloved to visit his hometown. The writer expresses his feelings to the loved one that she will be loved and cared. In his lines, he describes the alienation and asks her the reason for being arrogant towards him. Since it is a song of the contemporary era, so simple language has been used in order to make it more pleasurable. He tells to his companion that he misses his company and he recalls the memories. He miserably transfers his feelings that he cannot live without his/her presence. The song also reveals the pathetic reality of the world. He uses smiley in which he compares the world with bazar and a store of pains. The writer also let the listeners know about the sufferings that one has to face during one’s life. The poet insistently tells that he will follow the norms that no one has followed or maintained yet.

Connotation of the song and poetry: The lines and the themes of the song present a new model of music in Baloch history. The song and the poetry is perhaps a sign or a hint for the next generation who want to work in this field. The poet has showed the viewers that the Balochi traditional style is not lost and it can bring beauty in presentation. He prays to god that she shall love him again and shall be mine. Arz e kana is not only a song, but also a story, a feeling and a wish. He has left no stone unturned to reveal the purest form of literature. The flashback of childhood in the song, the beauty of the sea, the presentation of culture in the shape of dastaars and Balochi dress, all are the signs of revival.

There is no exaggeration of words, feelings and themes. The lines are pure, and there is no lust for fame. Arz e kana’n, might be a song for the ones who have not felt it deeply. The lyrics, the beauty and the placement of words all are inexpressible. In the lines:
Therefore; I will be friend to the soil of your town

and knot a message to the wind

I will whistle your fragrance

and reside in the alleys of your place

The singer actually refers the lines to his town. He misses his home town like he compares the thought with the flashback of childhood. He says he will knot a message to the wind and whistle your fragrance, literally it means he wants to go back to his home town and settle there. The world is challenging for him. In the line “The world is a Bazaar”, it is clear that the worldly affairs compel him to roam here and there for the purpose of success and the hurdles have distanced his hometown from him. He feels alienated in other areas and recalls the memories, the ships, and the souvenirs of his childhood. He wants to tell his companion that come and visit his village that how much happy he is to be here now. He represents his city by using the word ‘’her’’. He feels the emptiness or the absence of his friends but the problems, challenges do not allow him to go and reside in the alleys of his place. The touching of boat and smile is another sign that reveals his curiosity towards his town. He had a beautiful connection with the fragrance of his town also. In the line “I will whistle your fragrance’ ’he expresses the strong tranquility that he has felt when he was present there. He complains that one has to endure pains and the world has too much to introduce to us, but I will never stop my passion and I will keep the spirit alive. He strongly tells that he is compel, he cannot come but the memories are always in touch with him.

Purpose of writing or the song: The purpose of the writing or the song is to reform the contemporary continuous scenario of music. People have been reading and watching songs with the same old rhythm and presentation for many years, Naeem Dilpul has transformed the old point of view with a novel notion. It is needless to write that Arz e Kana’n has been successful due to the change or revolutionary idea behind the song.

Comments: Arz e kana’n has provoked the feelings of love in a different method. The director (Arif Badal), Singer (Naeem Dilpul) and the featuring of Ahmed Baloch collectively make it beautiful. Factually, the Rome was not build in a day, likewise, it still needs time. There is still a lot of work to be done on every field of Balochistan. Perfection is not a fictional phenomenon, it can be realistic if there are people like Naeem Dilpul who come up with innovative thoughts.

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