Changes in world had always been witnessed through the confrontation of thoughts and ideas.

In order to make these ideas reach thousands of people within due time, there is a need of a carrier and that carrier becomes the book.

When the printing press was invented in 1455, this technology multiplied the production of books.

Thrust of change and eagerness of getting the ideas of change made the French to meet with the French revolution where reasoning and logic were dominant than absolutism of King Louis XVI.

It was the Enlightenment which gave birth to the change of French society where Church had its hold on social lives of French. It overwhelmed the Kingdom and had made it a republic by lots of other gains.

But it was the book which carried the ideas of change to the nation.

On the contrary, we the Baloch also desire to live in such a society where reasoning and logic could be dominant along with prosperity and peacefulness heading towards a very progressed nation in the world.

But the question is that how can we make this desire a reality, as it needs productivity.

Don’t you think that we also need to read the history of the living nations, their journey to progress, their struggle to survival.

Can you really imagine a single change without proving it theoretically first. Can we really direct such a good desire without reading books of philosophy, history and literature?

How can we imagine to resolve our political issues until we don’t study Political Science and International Relations.

We just forget to change our lives without knowing reasoning.

There are numerous sociopolitical and economic issues in our society. How can we overcome them without gaining wisdom.

We should review every aspects of this struggle and then redesign everything from the beginning by considering book as the guider and the leader.

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