I am planting trees and plants in and around of my house. I love and take-care of them by myself every day. Though I am a greedy man and my intention is to grow these trees for myself, but I couldn’t control their positive externalities towards environment. Neither I need millions of rupees for growing trees nor I want to be in a photo-session. This should be a mantra for a common man.

It never happened to me to find a person who is in a photo-session planting a tree and then watering and taking care afterward.

The plantation of trees in UOT recently by the Let’s Greens Turbat is fully waste of resources because the areas where the trees are planted are either will be footpath or on the grounded electricity lines. Furthermore most of them are drying out. To me it’s not “KISHAG(planting) a tree” but rather “KUSHAG (killing) a tree”.

As a nation we never learn lessons from our past mistakes. Those who know better if visited UOT that the date-trees under the transmission line are now grownup enough and achieved their targets touching the lines. So it’s the time to cut them down to save human lives. Yet each date-tree costs to UOT round about Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 including the initial cost of plantation Rs.18,000 each.

When you observe their pace, I don’t know what my national heroes and leaders sell out at last? Initially they sold “the Baloch Card” and did corruption fearlessly and now when they felt the value of Card is deflated they have introduced a new product in the market, Let’s Green Turbat in pictures and protect the environment by becoming heroes soon.

Learn from farmers when they want to grow a tree. They start it from the land and make the soil fertile first, then make a canal for watering the plants. At the end,they plant trees. But Let’s Green Turbat, at UOT, has doing the process in reverse order, maybe due to urgency (maybe the tenure of the fund provider is too short or uncertain).

For God sake make a proper plan and do accordingly. The world is not going to destroy tomorrow. Keep patience.

“You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”
Warren Buffett

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