The evening was too gorgeous, I was looking towards the Juddi Beach, The sun was hovering just over the horizon making the water glitter and I was struck again between this place and the world I know. The waves were gentle and long. Rolling toward the shore in steads rhythm. Uphead, the air was clean, Carrying with it the scent of pine and wind. The sky was clear blue and the steady breeze was churning up the ocean. Ghusty wind that would likely to steal my breath as I sat there.

The blue water of the beach was strangely calm. I breathed deeply when I reached the sand, tasting salt in the air, feeling like heaven on Earth.

Sun glinted through wispy clouds that trailed over me, The air remained warm, but the sun Was sinking lower and the sky had fainted into a thousand shades of yellow and orange.

I was so relieved with that one simple moment.

It was as if the world chooses this moment to to go silent. No cars pass by, No birds chirp, the sidewalk around the beach was completly empty no noises around. It was like in the movies where everything goes in slowmotion.

I have entrusted the warm winds of my Motherland to guide me towards a path I would not have embarked upon otherwise.

When I stare at all the flowers she has grown. For her skies are somehow different then the whole world’s.

Because I look at her the way others do not.

Everything about my motherland is different then the rest. The Air, the rising sun, the trees, the  moonlight in night, Baloch sea and the mountains.

This is so fortunate that we belong to a Rich Land despite many deprivation, we still have many things to enjoy such as Pasni,  Juddi Fair  (Juddi Meda) which was initiated in 2016 and now its going to celebrate the 4th meda In 2019. With the most beautiful and perfect location of the Juddi beach and the longing mountains. Where the heart goes a flutter.

Apart, from the beauty of Juddi different performances will be performed by the artists and kids for the entertainment. Such as dramas and songs competitions are held for the kids.

This Juddi Meda is all about the hardwork of Artistic people of Pasni who have accomplished their vision of conducting the Juddi Meda with all hues and odours since 2016. Where people apart  from Pasni also visit and enjoy their second and third day of Eid .

For an healthy society conducting and promiting such beneficial fair is necessary so that our youth can be endulged in artistic activities rather than other nagativity.

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