Dua was always worried and depressed.  The reason for her depression was that she had a few friends. The story of her sadness begins when one of her best friends leaves Dua’s city. Pari was her best friend and they mostly spent their times together. Dua and Pari had been together since years. They used to go to school together joyfully. They were pleased because they were together but unfortunately Pari’s father had to leave his job for a better job so he left that city. It was the most painful moment for Dua to say ‘Good bye, but anyhow she managed to sendoff Pari. The valediction led Dua to depression, loneliness and sadness. She stopped meeting her other friends. She kept silent in the class and at home as well. Her all friends and her mother tried their level best to make her happy but it was all in vain.  Even her all friends gave up and left Dua. Dua got more depressed day by day.

Nabeel (Dua’s brother) knew the story and he made his way towards home from navy, in order to find a way for this problem. As Nabeel entered the home, his first question was “where is Dua? “  He was told that Dua is in her room .Nabeel rushed towards Dua’s room and found Dua with tearful eyes. Nabeel hugged Dua and wiped the drops of tears rolling out from Dua’s innocent eyes. Nabeel put his hands asked “What’s wrong Dua, Why are you so worried?” Dua answered the question with a painful voice “Bro, I have lost my angle (Pari)”. Now I am fully alone, I find no one to play and laugh with me, nobody understands my feelings.”
Oh!  This is what you are worried about?  I will help you my lovely sister, don’t worry.” said Nabeel.

Dua asked eagerly; “just tell me what I should do now?”

Nabeel told her that we need to understand that happiness is a choice. Everyone can choose to be happy. One should make smiling a habit. If smiling is made a habit then no one can make you worried. Just choose to be happy and spread smiles.

After listening the advices, Dua smiled beautifully. She hugged her brother and told him that from now, I will never be worried .I will try my best to be an optimist even in the toughest days of my life.

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