Pasni, My homeland, where sometimes I savour the silence of sky, garish colors of Moon covering the whole Earth like a cloak, Sitting there under the stars, and I feel the cosy atmosphere as if there is a song in the atmosphere, darkness of night hovering on is giving way to light like the fleeting glimpse of eternity, shimmering of stars as if they are holding up the entire universe, breezing of wind, shuffling of tree leaves, ruffling of windows.
As if they whisper something, As if the moment came to say something.
simply soothing moment brings me to the point of exhilaration, I feel at peace, but apart from this joyous moment I can see the layer of depths in my homeland, its deprivation.
I have listened this phrase in my whole life that Rich Balochistan, Poor Baloch and it made a lot of sense to me, I used to think about this again and again, until few days back at my uni at Karachi which shattered my whole being, it was hard to accept, but I accepted cause none can deny the truth, the reality.
I went to computer lab for preparing my assignment and in charge started speaking to me, and when she got to know from me that “I am a Baloch, from Balochistan she directly told me that “Balochon k toh ghr nhae hote” Baloch have no houses” I just got blank for a while as if something hit me so hard , so bad, and shattered me, I asked her which place did you visit in Balochistan she said KundMalir and when she asked me from which area of Balochistan you belong I said Pasni, she said okay that might be developed right? I said yes, but after finishing my work, I couldn’t get over her questions, Baloch have no houses and Pasni might be developed and my answer for yes, was not justifying. How a city can develop when its deprived from the basic facilities. Like we have entered in 21st century, the era of exposure, technologies, discoveries, Mars is being explored and we Baloch on the Earth are deprived of basic facilities. we are lamenting for water, Education, electricity the very basic and primal rights of every citizens.
Balochistan is a land which has always been the centre of attraction Due to its geographical strategic importance it remains a significant region around the global nations.
Production of high amount of natural resources, coal, gold, copper, iron and other resources have increased the geographical importance of Balochistan. Vast fields of natural gas reserves and other minerals have become the centre interest but the citizens of Balochistan are passing very miserable lives.
In Pasni, people are living in misery with electricity, no proper schedule of electricity, power becomes off at anytime and there is no way of light coming back, we can say there is no electricity , load shedding is fair enough, but spending entire 24 hours and back to back other days without light as well isn’t bearable at all.
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The writer is a student of English Literature at university of Karachi and works as the Secretary General of Lyari Literary Forum LLF. She has co-authored four anthologies and can be reached at Instagram @hazaran_writes