On Chand Raat (17th July 2015) Raheela (the prime victim – 19 years old) along with her nephew (8 months old) & her brother was on her way to the nearby market. A boy (Zeeshan – Police Constable) threw acid on them for not accepting the marriage proposal.

Raheela said:
“I am appealing to the higher judges that it has been so long, almost 3 years with my case and no action taken yet, so my appeal is that kindly proceed my case. I’m feeling strong and I want to tell that the world must not see us in a weak light and see that even we can go out and do things.”

Raise your voice against such evil people & help her for the apex punishment of the criminal and also to avoid such brutal acts in future.

This is what needs to be on placards in #AuratMarch

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