What is worse than being born in a Baloch family?
What is more unfortunate than being a family member or a friend of disappeared individual?
What is even more dreadful than not knowing where you’re loved-ones are?

Enforced disappearances, this all started in Balochistan since 1999. The
victims of such disappearance include journalists, students, peace
activists, and other human rights defenders. A forced disappearance
transpire when a person is secretly abducted or imprisoned by state
officials and then deny it, or repudiate to say where they are held. The
state officials grab the individuals from street or from their homes
without a warrant of arrest. Which make the victim of enforcedly
disappeared at high risk of torture since they are placed completely
outside the protection of law. And put them into endangered situation
and increases the risk of many human right violations including; right to
security and dignity of a person, right of not to be tortured, right of victim to justice, right to a fair trial and right to LIFE.

Enforced disappearance is a crime under International and Humanitarian Law. And considered as a strategy to spread terror within society which not only limits this insecurity and fear to the close relatives of disappeared but also affects communities and societies as whole.

The Government should address the issue of enforced disappearance as it is a matter of human rights.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”
~Nelson Mandela

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