Niwano, the headquarter of subtehsil Zamuran of Distt: Kech is currently facing numerous issues, but one of the major issues is the nonavailability of water ( for drinking, for laundries, etc). For the past three years, locals of Niwano travel 20 kilometers to get water in order to fulfil their needs. It is exceedingly hard for them, specially in the days of winter to travel by foot and by motorbikes and bring gallons of water on their shoulders.

Due to lack of electricity it is impossible to fetch water from well which is approximately  100 feet deep( The only one). So the only option which remains for them is to travel in groups and bring gallons of water far from their homes.

In addition to that, the representatives of the region have seen the miserable situations but no initiative has been taken to resolve this serious issue.

I request the information Minister and the representative of the constituency Mir Zahoor Buledi and the concerned authorities to step forward and help the people of Niwano to get rid of this consequential issue by taking  necessary measures so that they can concentrate on other essential thing like education and health.

Shay Sagheer

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