Baloch Students Action Committee-Uthal Zone held a Lecture programe on “Literature & Social theory” on Thursday,November 29th,2018 at Central Library LUAWMS.

The Lecture was Delivered by Dr, Dolat Khan Assistant professor of English Literature Department LUAWMS.

(Authored & Co-Authored of 5 Reaserch Articles in Pakistan & Itly,MPHIL UK London & MA UK London)

The lecture was attended By Dr Khalid Khan Head of Department of Economics LUAWMS, Dr Nadeem Nawaz Dean of Faculty WRM,Sir Hameed baloch Lecturer of English Department,Sir sadam Jamali Teacher of IT  department  & Sir Safar Qaoumi.

Following are some extracts of This Lecture Programe.

-What is Social theory ?

-Religious Idelogy

-Metaphysics System

-imperialism philosphy




Dr Dolat Khan said that Social Theory refers Ideas,arguments,hypotheses,thoughts experiments & explanatory speculations about how & why  human societies or elements or structures of such societies come to be formed change,and develop over time.

he said that about Rationality  is about getting what you want

Two Basic types of rationality

(epistemic & instrumental)

epistemic ratioanlity referes to the compatibility between one’s beliefs and one’s reason to believe.

its depend thinking man the link between the two types of rationality is the link between beliefs and behavior.

he explains the Literature that Literature represent a language or people culture and tradition.But litrature more important than just a historical or Cultural aircaft.

Literature introduces us to new worlds experiences.we learn about litrature,we enjoy comedies and the tragedies of poems,stories,and plays.

-the inspiratioal,emotiomal,critical thinking,innovative,litrary writing ,litrary poet and social perceptive.

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