1st council session of BSAC was a turning point in the history of students politics in Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan. It broke the chain of fears among the students. Its 1st council session raised a hope among the Baloch masses.

Tek day session was divided into two phases. First was closed session in which council discussed the following agenda

1. opening speech of Chairman

1. Performance report

2. Constitutional amendment

3. organizational reforms


5. And the next step

In the opening speech chairman, Rasheed Karim Baloch pointed out the weakness of the previous cabinet and urged the councilor not to repeat the same mistakes.

He shared his experience with the councilor. After opening speech of Chairman, performance report was presented by the central GS. councilor raised their reservations on the reports and also raised questions.

After it, the Constitutional amendment agenda was discussed and reforms were brought in a constitution.

in organizational reforms, councilor put forwarded suggestion for improvement.

In in the next step, the previous cabinet was dissolved and election commission was formed. Election commission conducted the election for the new cabinet. According to which Dr. Nawab Baloch elected as new chairman, Ghani Baloch as vice chairman,  Salman Baloch as GS, Haji Haider Baloch as Deputy GS and Tasmai Baloch as information.

In next Day oath-taking ceremony took place under the chairmanship of newly elected chairman Dr. Nawab Baloch.

This session was an open session in which different walk of people participated at large number.

Mubarak Qazi Baloch one of the prominent Baloch poets was among the guest. Besides Qazi Baloch Prof Manzoor Baloch, Dr. Saleem Kurd, Prof Aziz Bughti,  Prof Sadiqqe Baloch,  Imran Baloch,  Prof Rahim Mehr, Prof AR Daad,  Ababagar Baloch and other notable participated as the guest.

While addressing the audiences Guests urged them to continue their struggle and work for the development of the educational friendly environment. Guest raised their reservations as well and congratulated Baloch Students Action Committee for organizing a successful council session.

Finally addressing to the gathering chairman newly elected chairman Dr. Nawab Baloch thanked the gathering and said BSAC will do it’s utmost to bring out the best in students.


Report by BSAC

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