In this season of Autumn in Balochistan, leaves of fear are shedding new leaves of hope on their way but leaves don’t shed easily rather the change in nature make them to fall.

Seema you’re making the leaves fall. Seema Baloch is sister of Shabir Baloch, who was abducted on 4 October 2016 from the area of Gowarkop,Balochistan. Unluckily enforced disappearances are quite normal in Balochistan. From last few years it was not easy for missing persons families to publicly confess their loved ones are missing because the outputs were worst.

Seema is the history maker and pain bearer who encouraged the families to get out of fear and come up and speak for the beloved ones no one else would do? Whenever it comes to hospitality and peace we Baloch don’t stop our women to stay at home though 100 murders could be forgiven if a woman comes along with ‘mairh’ so today women are on roads for safe recovery of Baloch missing persons because there is nothing left if your Blood relations are missing for years without knowing why the whole family is suffering.

Such scenarios are making Baloch women more powerful and letting them know how to fight for their rights whether it is social or political right.

Pain of little sisters,mothers or wives of missing persons is something that will reflect from their eyes,their unstoppable tears and screaming voices and the chanting that demand to bring them in courts if they are criminals. Women from different regions and tribes are joining missing persons camp with the hope that their loved ones will get back to their homes or presented before the courts if they had done criminal acts. This time sisters will play their roles.

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