” Mum, I am getting late for school and my classmates are here by some minutes as we ought to go towards school exactly at twenty to seven.” Ali Jan told his mother when he was having the breakfast.

“Dear, there is still half an hour, but why are you in a hurry?” Nabeela  asked.

“Mum, today we have to go to school very early as we need to decorate the stage and manage other stuff.” Ali Jan told his mother when he was leaving for school.

“But, why dear? What is especial today in your school?” His mother asked him surprisingly.

“Mum, today is October 5, that is Teachers’ Day and we students made a very surprise program for our beloved teachers and we want to wish our teachers, Teachers’ Day!” Ali Jan exclaimed in joy.

“Nice beta, for good teachers are also the best friends of their students who help in deciding true path in their life. As, a teacher is one who shapes up the whole of the students through his or her knowledge, patient, love and care. They serve as the real lights in everyone’s life as they help students to make their ways in their lives.

Dear, the teacher’s profession is considered as the best and ideal profession in the world.” Ali Jan’s Mum, replied sweetly and said, “Good bye beta and have a nice day as you are getting late for school.”

When they left for the school Ali Jan told his classmates, “Let’s go very fast as we need to manage the things of the stage beautifully,”

When they reached near the main gate of the school, Ali Jan came up with his childhood friends, Yahya and Jibran having bags and collecting garbages.

Ali Jan invited both of them for the program and wanted them to wish the teachers, but one of Ali Jan’s classmates made fun of them; by saying, ” E-E-E-E see their clothes, they are untidy and they are as much dirty as garbage. We won’t take them to school in this special day to make the program a failure. They should go near the nearby houses for collecting garbage for a livelihood.”

When both brothers listened to his words, the smaller brother Yahya said to his brother. “Let’s go, for we are born to be in the chains in this society and we don’t have the rights to be at schools.” But, his elder brother Jibran consoled him and suggested him by saying, ” Let’s go near the main gate to look at them, how do they wish the teachers?”

Then, they both went near the main gate and stood near the main gate to look what would be happening in this day!

After all, most of the teachers came at school as they came usually, but on that day they seemed very excited for they witnessed their students in making a huge program for them.

Although, everyone who participated in the program was sitting and wanted to go on the stage first for doing his task. However, most of the students went on the stage and shared their speeches.

At last, a student namely Shahjan went on the sage for sharing his speech. In the the speech he said, “A teacher is someone who spends their whole in giving quality education to their students. Teachers try their best to bring all the students on the right track by motivating them positively towards their study. Good teachers leave good impressions over their students. A teacher is like a guard as God is the builder of whole universe, however a teacher is considered to be the builder of a good nation. Teachers are prestigious people in the society who take the responsibility to raise the mind status and living standard of the common people through their magic of teaching.”

When he finished his speech everyone sitting at the program praised the boy for writing the speech beautifully and sharing it astonishingly.

When the program ended, all the students came near the stage hugged the teachers and said, “Happy Teachers’ Day.” But those both boys were still near the main gate and they were lost in deep thought.

When the principal of the school saw those both boys standing near the main-gate, he called them to come.
Then, the both boys came closer to the teachers and the students saw tears trickling down the boys’ cheeks. The principal asked them, “Why don’t you join the school and why are you weeping ?”

Then the boy Jibran replied, ” Sir, we are the sons of poverty-stricken parent, so we don’t afford to buy shoes, uniforms, books, etc for school that’s why we are engaged in collecting garbages to boost up our economy level, and we would love to be at school like these children, but our wings are broken down!”

When the principal listened to his words, then tears rolled down on his cheeks. He said, “I will buy uniforms, shoes and other necessary items for your school and pay your fees but you both must go in a school after today.” The both boys became very delightful and hugged the principal happily. And said, ” Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Then, the principal promised with students by saying, “From today on, you students and we teachers have to be hands to hands with each other in eradicating poverty and corruption in our society that every child must be at schools for gaining education and must not be seen in bazaar collecting garbage.”

Then, all the students promised to work for the betterment of education system and eradication of child labour in future! As they made the day memorable for a long.

In this story I would love to thank my all teachers who have been guiding lights in my life and showing the right path to follow. As A.P.J Abdul Kalam puts it so beautifully, “If a country is to be corruption-free and a nation of beautiful minds ,I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father ,the mother and the teacher.”

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The writer is a student of Law at Faculty of Law, University of Turbat and a part time teacher at DELTA. He writes for different national newspapers. He has also won Agahi Award (Pakistan's biggest Journalism Awards) in the category of Human Rights in 2018. He can be reached at [email protected] and tweets at @MunajGul