Where is the chief justice of supreme court? Where is ECP which had banned the new recruitments fearing that the political parties would use the posts and new jobs for their own interests?

But the same has happened in University of Balochistan in English department where the VC, Registrar, DEAN and chairperson of the department have appointed the lecturer who are from political background and bureaucratic families. They have got the least marks in written while the candidates who have got more than 70 and 80 marks are rejected and ignored just because they don’t belong to political parties and capital class. And even the irony is, except the answer keys the NTS has not announced the original result yet which shows that the authorieties have done it deliberatly so that the marks of their “loved ones” are not public. Even it is not known whether really they have passed the written or not since the list of University shows that they are below 25 and 30 numbers.

The list shows the exploitation of merit in the Versity.

If still chief Justice of Supreme court doesn’t take sou motu notice, we would think that people of Balochistan are not in his consideration as for as justice in the country is concerned. The youth of Balochistan want justice from the Chief Justice Sakib Nisar because he is the only hope for the nation..

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