Lyari Literary Forum (LLF) conducted its third literary program in Mullah Fazul Library on 12 May 2018, the topic was ” When Art friend Divorced from Reality “ by Sir Aurangzaib. Sir Aurangzaib is a lecturer at University of Karachi (UoK) in Department of Philosophy.
Aurangzaib Discussed with Students aboout Art and the society. He said , first we have to know the historical background and ideology of the Topic.

Title is about art that how art is divorced from reality. Basically when we talk about art then we not only talk about the paintings, the art is about all the thing which is own created, either it is literature or dance or paint or Music. He discussed more about 3 Art Movements , the triade was, 

1. Romanticism
2. Realist form of art
3. Symbolist form of art.

In Romanticism very see non realistic art , the artist expresses his own emotions. In realistic art we see the art which associated with society and which frames the emotions of the society. He further told that let the ideas come , do not reject the ideas , let they come to you. The rejection of ideas caused intolerance in society. Let your emotions speak and let your ideas come.

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